Saturday, September 19, 2009

New photo and ads blog

I offer some new services:

1. Publish your stereo equipment pictures

Just attached the images to an email, and send it to: . Please add any relevant tags in the subject line, following that syntax: ((tags: tag1, tag2, ..., tagN)), for example: Subject: My loudspeakers ((tags: imf, RSPM IV, Finland)).

2. Publish your stereo equipment ad

Same as above: attach pictures to the email sent to Include an email address where you can be reached, and ((tags: forsale, IMF ALS40, London UK)) in the subject for example. You can then link to the ad after it has been published (the postings are moderated).

3. Publish a music track

If you think that some sound track is great for testing some feature of your stereo, tell why, and publish it! So anyone could buy the CD. Don't forget to include the MP3 file, and add the tag "sound" (same syntax as above: ((tags: sound)) in the subject line).

  • The picture gallery address is: (or pic, or pictures).
  • It doesn't matter how many pictures you send, but don't forget to attach them! A picture gallery will be automagically created.
  • It would be nice if everybody uses the same tags. For example, I suggest ((tags: brand, model, location)). "brand" and "model" could be a list, for example: ((tags: Quad, IMF, Quad 405, IMF RSPM, London UK)). The the "forsale" tag if needed.
  • The posts are moderated. Please be patient until I publish them.
  • Email me for any edit you want me to edit an entry (eg. change the forsale tag by sold).

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