Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'am BAD

I removed the pair of IMF Super Compact's I had in the bedroom.

Not that I didn't like them, these are fantastic loudspeakers !

But i had 2 big boxes in the bedroom for more than 10 years (yes, girlfriend(s) not happy). So I decided to setup a nice little mono system. There is nothing wrong with mono when you're lying in bed reading, right ? Also you don't want to listen loudly at 3am right ? And who cares about deep bass, I can always add a sub woofer anytime later. Wh cares about the f > 15 Khz, I can't hear them !

So there. I hacked what was in those big boxes, namely a pair of non working Quad ESL63, make one working, and hook it to the Sansui AU20000. Connect the iPod to the Sansui, and there we go.

It works very well, and the girlfriend is happy !

No. The Super Compact are NOT for sale ;-)

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